100% fruit

Boost your immunity

Prevention is key

Healthy choice for all family members

Teach kids healthy habits early

Hit reset

Challenge yourself and
start a change

Why choose Cold Pressok?

Best sellers

Family pack

Juice for all family members. Start your day the right way. 100% Granny Smith Apple, Orange, Raspberry.

Level D1

Our most popular detox program for fast reset and weight reduction. Great for beginners.

Ultimate detox

New detox program for deep detoxification, intense hydration and immune system boost.

Level D2

This is an intermediate detox level. Step up in eliminating fat.


100% cold pressed Granny Smith Apple. Strong taste, perfect freshness.

Nut Butters

100% natural, No palm oil, Gluten free, Vegan. Perfect for crapes, pancakes, waffles, porridge, or on its own.

Level D3

This level is not for the beginners. Intense program with serious results.

Bikini detox

Designed for summer days. Highly hydrating and detoxifying. Strong de-bloating effect.

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